My Pregnancy: 36 week update & baby shower recap!

Can’t believe this one of four updates that I have left (hoping I WON’T have a 41 week update…). This week was crazy busy, but in the best way possible! We were out of town this weekend – partially in Mt. Pleasant and partially in my hometown for a baby shower! Therefore, most of last week was spent preparing for that trip and this week has been spent resting from it – and getting the house back on track! And yes.. when you’re this pregnant that takes more than one day :).

I think after this baby shower I officially feel much more “nested” as far as the house/nursery goes. At this point I’m just trying to maintain keeping it as clean as possible for the next few weeks so it’s ready to go whenever my body decides to go into labor. But I’ll get to that in a minute!

36 weeks 136 weeks 2

How I’m Feeling

Weirdly, I feel like I’ve just gotten to a point where my belly is so big, I’m used to it and I don’t think of being that gigantic. Because until I look at this picture, I always think I really don’t think it’s that big. Clearly I’m deceiving myself here.. Speaking of the belly, I am constantly shocked at how several women have looked at me and said, “so it’s a girl!??” – What?! How do they knoowww? I realize it’s a 50/50 chance but I’ve had at least 3 women say that and no one has guessed wrong. Guess there really is some truth behind the whole “basketball vs. watermelon” belly idea!

Some great news this week is that I’m really surprised at how much energy I’ve had! It tends to go back and forth, and I definitely still get worn out pretty easily. However, most days (at least recently) I’ve been feeling relatively normal and have even been able to crank out some pretty sweaty workouts. I’ve actually kind of surprised myself with my stamina for being 36 weeks pregnant – I’m  not nearly as out of shape as I would expect. (Side note: the only exercise that I can barely manage are lunges! WOW. Those are NOT as easy as they used to be, I’m guessing because of alllllll the extra weight up front now?) Getting a good sweat in really helps me to feel like my old self again and makes me excited for once I’m recovered and can start to rev up the activity level postpartum! Hoping this energy stays with me for a few more weeks!

What Baby is Doing

Via BabyCenter

  • She’s still packing on the pounds — at the rate of about an ounce a day
  • She now weighs roughly 6 pounds and is more than 20 inches long
  • She’s shedding most of the downy covering of hair that covered her body as well as the vernix caseosa, the waxy substance that covered and protected her skin
  • These substances, along with other secretions, are swallowed, and will eventually result in a blackish mixture called meconium, which will be her first bowel movement
  • At the end of this week, your baby will be considered “early term.” (Full-term is 39 to 40 weeks. Babies born before 37 weeks are pre-term, 41 weeks is late term, and those born after 42 are post-term.)
  • She’s almost ready to make her debut! Her lungs and brain are still doing some last minute cooking, but soon she’ll be fully primed and ready for the world!

How far along? 36 weeks (1 month to go!)

Baby’s size? The length of a bunch of romaine lettuce! And thankfully not growing much longer!

Total weight gain: I honestly can’t remember what I was at my last appointment! I think I may have been a pound or two up? Sooo.. 37 or 38 pounds?

Maternity clothes? So glad I picked up some new stuff, I’ve been living in them! The more stretch the better!

Stretch marks? Just that mini little one I mentioned on my hip last week, so still hanging in there pretty well!

Sleep: Still pretty good! I sleep well, but I will say when I wake up to go to the bathroom I have to GO. Like.. it’s painful. Last night in particular I woke up and whenever I stood up to head to the bathroom, my bladder was so full it was painful! I let out a moan (which apparently woke Dustin up and freaked him out enough to ask if I was okay) and practically hobbled to the bathroom. I think my body just does NOT wake up until I reach emergency bathroom status, even if I go right before I get in bed! So.. not real sure if this is a solvable problem or not.

Labor Signs: Not really! In fact I seem to be getting LESS Braxton Hicks than before! I do notice they come more frequently if I’m stressed for any reason. But other than that they haven’t been making much of an appearance.

Exercise: Like I said earlier, the workouts that I did get in (2 maybe?) were awesome! That being said, I didn’t have much time to workout this week. Between traveling this weekend and running errands all day Monday I was pretty worn out with the days being so full. But again, this late in pregnancy, I consider a day full of walking and errands a workout in itself!

Movement: Still going strong! The Dr’s usually remind me at my appointments to do a kick count every day (at least 10 movements in 2 hours) but I haven’t ever had to! She’s constantly moving and shifting around and it’s pretty much always way more than 10 movements in an hour.. more like 10 movements in 5 minutes or less! I’m honestly so glad she’s so active though, as it really has put my mind at ease many times when I could have been worrying about her movements!

Food cravings: Sweets and fruit, all day long! I bought a watermelon this week and I’m STOKED to cut it open. Also, I have to mention my go-to ice cream this pregnancy. I should mention that we NEVER bought ice cream before I got pregnant, and now I have probably 1/2 cup pretty much every night. I don’t plan on making this a lifelong habit, but it seriously is a mental booster for me during pregnancy, haha!  I’ve been loving the All Natural Turkey Hill brand! With only 5 ingredients, I don’t feel bad for eating “junk” and it actually tastes like real cream. I noticed right away it didn’t taste like typical grocery store ice cream – it’s soooooo much better! I usually stick with the original vanilla or chocolate and it’s changed everything I know about ice cream! Just had to share for all my ice cream loving friends :)

Anything making you queasy or sick? Nope!

Gender: Beautiful baby girl!

Baby Items: A TON! Shower recap below!

Symptoms: While I honestly feel pretty good for being this late, I will say some new symptoms have popped up! The most noticeable being swelling! Ah yes.. the dreaded pregnant lady feet. It’s not pretty. It’s worse when I’ve been on my feet all day, so I just have to make sure I’m taking time to sit down every so often, which honestly can be hard for me! (I’m sure that will change soon, haha :) ). Making sure I get enough water helps too!

Wedding rings on or off? On, but quite tight.

Happy or Moody most of the time? Happy! :)

Looking forward to: So many things!

Baby Shower Recap

Like I mentioned above, part of my weekend involved heading home to my parents house for a baby shower that my mom (and sister) hosted. It was perfect weather for a shower and I had the BEST time! It was bumblebee themed (I may have mentioned to my sister awhile back that I LOVED the idea of a bumblebee themed shower… hehe) which was just as adorable as I had imagined. It was sunny and even HOT, so having the shower outdoors and by the pool was so cheerful and summery feeling! I also felt so very blessed that so many of my family members traveled a good distance to come, as well as a handful of family friends. I wasn’t expecting so many lovely ladies and was so happy to get to see everyone! If any guests are reading this, thank you so much for coming! It meant so much to me and I so appreciated all of your sweet gifts!

Some shower pictures:

IMG_0883shower decor

Oops! Had to hide the baby name, for now! :)


Some of the pretty ladies! While we ate cake, everyone filled out some a card listing things that they were hoping for the baby (ex: I hope you grow _______, I hope you learn _______). Everyone’s answers were so sweet!


Loved all the baby clothes as décor!


Me with my hostesses! :)

I didn’t get many pictures of me opening presents (plus they weren’t super flattering, haha) but this baby was definitely spoiled! Gifts included wonderful practical things like our baby tub, sooo many cute clothes, a baby bullet (blender to puree baby food), toys, bath supplies, diapers, wipes, blankets, super cute diaper bag, a rock ‘n play, car seat (!!!) and our stroller (!!!). Those last two were obviously important purchases that I actually spent a long time researching, so I’m so thankful to cross those off the list. My aunt and uncle got us our car seat and my mom and dad splurged on our stroller! We had 2 stroller choices on our registry, just in case, but I honestly wasn’t expecting to get the one we did! It’s the BMW of strollers in my opinion and I’m so excited to use it when she arrives! (If you’re in the market and are curious ,we got the Chicco Keyfit 30 car seat, and we had picked out the Baby Jogger City Mini GT (not actually a jogging stroller) and the Britax B-Ready strollers. The Britax is the one we ultimately ended up getting!). We also got some sentimental gifts, including a baby blanket and newborn hat that my Nana knitted! I hope that blanket lasts a lifetime and I can’t wait to see her with it as she grows! I still have mine from when I was a baby and it’s currently hanging on the side of her crib :) Hoping hers goes just as far!

Thanks again for all the ladies that came and spoiled myself and this baby!

That’s a long post, so I’ll end it here today! Hope everyone has a great rest of the week!


My Pregnancy: 35 week update

Can you believe that this girl has grown from being the size of a plum to almost 6 POUNDS of baby?! I know kids that were born weighing less than 6 pounds, which means I’m officially carrying around an almost full sized newborn at this point. Whoa.

35 weeks 135 weeks 2

Don’t mind the no make up and ragged hair look I’ve been sporting these days. I’m just proud of myself for putting forth the effort it takes now to shower and get dressed! It’s a mini circus act.

How I’m Feeling

Surprisingly good this week! While I’m still pretty wiped by the time bedtime rolls around, I haven’t been nearly as tired as I have in recent weeks. It could be the sunshine and extra springtime endorphins, but I’ve been a busy bee with all this new found energy. Workouts were pretty good this week and today I’m even pretty sore from yesterdays short workout session! It’s been forever since that’s happened! I’ve also found that staying more active and being able to workout during the day has really helped with my back pain! Praise the LORD. It’s a win-win all around.

The belly is definitely heavier than ever, and changing positions is any way is getting more and more difficult. I can’t turn over in bed without waking up and getting adjusted in chairs is almost impossible. I’m definitely reaching full capacity in the belly growth region! It’s amazing to me that it will get any bigger!

I’ve had several people ask me if I feel “ready” yet, and honestly I think I have mixed feelings about how ready I feel. Dustin and I both of course are always talking about how excited we are to meet our daughter and how we can’t wait to see her for the first time, etc. etc. There’s no doubt that I am over the moon excited to HAVE her here. But I’m also starting to get that feeling of “holy crap I am about to have a miniature human being that I have to keep alive”. It’s a little scary! I’ve spent many a year around babies and kids of all ages, and I’ve changed more diapers than I can count… but I’ve never taken care of a NEWBORN, which to me is an entirely other species. Newborns seem so delicate and fragile and it’s frightening to consider all there is to do and consider in caring for a new baby. But, at the same time, I have confidence that we’ll get the hang of it. Lots of prayer and hardly any sleep, but I think we’ll be okay! :)

What Baby is Doing

From What to Expect: “Your baby is standing tall (so to speak) this week at about 20 inches and continues her steady weight gain at about 5.5 pounds. While she won’t get much longer in length, she will continue to pack on the pounds – including large amounts of baby fat – right up ‘til delivery day. Something else that’s moving at a mind-boggling pace these days: fetal brain development! There’s a lot going on inside that tiny head, which is, by the way, still soft to allow an easier exit through the birth canal.”

How far along? 35 weeks

Baby’s size? A coconut! Real stats are roughly 20 inches long and 5.5-6 pounds!

Total weight gain: 36 pounds! Slow and steady now, thank goodness!

Maternity clothes? I did pick up a few new items in preparation for the warmer weather including 2 dresses, 2 tops and 1 pair of maternity shorts. I tried to shop for things that were NOT maternity but had lots of stretch so I could wear anything I bought this summer, post baby. A few items were maternity and a few weren’t, but I’m pretty sure I can wear just about everything even after baby arrives, which was huge plus! My goals for clothes shopping these days are pretty much anything light and stretchy!

Stretch marks? Well. It happened. Now I really don’t feel like I can complain here, because I found ONE miniature little stretch mark (like not even 1/4 inch long) on my right hip, that’s honestly barely even noticeable. So I still feel like so far I’m really lucky in this area! Who knows what will happen in the next 5 weeks but so far I’m still calling this a success! I totally credit it to the coconut oil and vitamin E lotion that I religiously slather on each and every day!

Sleep: Can’t complain! I do wake up when flipping over (just for a split second) and I get up almost every night usually once to pee (although I did make it through the whole night this week once!). So for 35 weeks pregnant, I’m thankful sleep is still a non-issue!

Labor Signs: Just Braxton Hicks occasionally, and sometimes some extra pressure depending on her position, but nothing crazy.

Exercise: Really good this week! Go figure. I must admit though, I think I’ve finally started to get a little sick of my prenatal DVD. I was ready to change it up and so this week I just took my weights and exercise ball and went to town with my own little workout for about half an hour. Surprisingly, I think I actually ended up getting a much better workout this way and, like I said, even have some really sore legs today! WIN! Also still walking roughly 2.5 miles once or twice a week, plus however many miles I walk when running errands, which TOTALLY COUNTS these days! One day of grocery shopping and errand running is exhausting!

Movement: All the time! As I type she’s getting in her own little aerobic workout. My poor ribs are sore pretty much around the clock. At least I know she’s strong!

Food cravings: Same story here – sweets and fruit. Ice cream is pretty much a daily thing and last night we picked up some watermelon and OMG it tastes just as good as I imagined. I’m so glad it’s back!

Anything making you queasy or sick? Nope!

Gender: Girl!

Baby Items: Yes, a few this week! Got my diaper bag, a baby carrier (ended up choosing the Baby K’tan – I’m excited to use it!) and some onesies and pj’s, since that’s what she needs the most right now.

Symptoms: Praise the Lord, things have been pretty good this week! Yay!

Wedding rings on or off? On, but getting tight!

Happy or Moody most of the time? Both. I’ve been sort of weepy this week for different reasons, even though ironically I feel like this was a really great week. Blaming the hormones!

Looking forward to: Baby shower this weekend! So very excited! :)


My Pregnancy: 34 week update

I guess I made a mistake when I started jumping around with my fruit/veggie resources. Because for the life of me I can’t understand how I’ve already used all of the options for the babies size this week! These estimates are whacko. So this week we are a butternut squash…again! (Apparently baby was also a butternut squash at 29 weeks. Oh well.)

Sunshine in place of a circle this week to celebrate this ah-mazing weather!

34 weeks 1

Yikes. Also, someone please remind me to stand up straight. No wonder my back hurts!

34 weeks 234 weeks 4

How I’m Feeling

My achey breaky back, y’all. It kills! I know you’re probably so tired of hearing this but (fortunately) it’s really the biggest symptom I have these days. A few people have given me helpful tips, which I’ve been putting to use, and I do think have helped some. But juuuust when I think I’ve got it figured out, it will start hurting again. Always in the same little spot too! I really need to splurge and get a prenatal massage and see if I can have someone just work on this one problem area (my poor husband tries all the time, but he hates giving massages more than anything in the world and it never lasts very long haha). Maybe.

Other than that, baby girl has been going through some crazy dance sessions! A few days ago she seriously did not stop moving all. day. long. While it makes it slightly hard to move around all day, I can’t help but love it. Each and every movement is still so surreal, reminding me that there is a living, breathing (well, sort of) human inside me and she MOVES! It’s insane. She seems to get more and more active the further along I get, and I think it will be so neat to see her do all the things that she does now on the inside of the womb on the outside. Hiccups are another one. She probably gets hiccups every day twice a day and it’s so fun to feel exactly where her head is each time. She’s also getting so LONG, which she doesn’t often let me forget. I’m convinced she’s tried to break my ribs once or twice and I’m constantly amazed by how hard she can push against me with her feet. You wouldn’t believe me if I told you some of the crazy shapes my belly takes due to her pushing and stretching. It looks like she could just poke a foot straight through my skin! Pregnancy is such a miraculous thing.

Baby Preparation

With less than 6 weeks to go from my due date, I’m really starting to hone in on the last few things that need to be done before she arrives. The nursery is pretty much done aside from some details, almost all clothes and blankets are washed, pediatrician is picked and hospital tour is done! I do have one more baby shower next weekend that I’m looking forward to, but since there’s still quite a few things we need I think I’m gonna go ahead and purchase a few items on our “must have” list to whittle that down a little bit! And speaking of hospital tour, I totally forgot to mention that in our last update, but it went really well! The birth center was just updated a year or two ago and everything is really nice and new and has a great atmosphere. The hospitals in our area definitely aren’t the best hospitals ever in regard to reputation, but ours is pretty good and I definitely feel comfortable with where we’ll be. While I’m planning to labor as long as possible at home before heading to the hospital (per my Dr.’s recommendation – based on the kind of labor I want, not because of the hospital reputation, haha) I feel good about where we’ll be for the birth and I’m so glad we were able to do the tour and get to see everything beforehand. I think it will really help my anxiety level come time.

What Baby is Doing

From What to Expect and The Bump: With just over a month to go, baby weighs in around 5 pounds and measures around 18 inches long! By week 34 she’s recognizing and reacting to simple songs, if you’re singing them. Some say that baby will recognize songs mom sings while she’s in the womb and may even be more easily soothed by them if she’s used to them once she’s on the “outside”. Also, the white vernix (coating protecting the baby’s skin) is getting thicker, and tiny fingernails have probably reached the tips of her fingers! Get the clippers ready!

How far along? 34 weeks

Baby’s size? Let’sgo with the ACTUAL size this week – 17.2 to 18.7 inches and 4.2 – 5.8 pounds!

Total weight gain: Last I heard it was 35 pounds so hopefully not far past that!

Maternity clothes? Yes! Less and less jeans and more and more skirts, dresses and yoga pants :)

Stretch marks? Still good! However, one symptom I haven’t mentioned but am curious about is this blue bruised looking circle around my belly button. It’s not like black and blue but the skin there is definitely darker and in a perfect circle with my belly button in the center. I googled it and it seems that many women have this but no one really knows what it is and I couldn’t find a good explanation anywhere… has anyone else had this or know what I’m talking about?? So weird! I’ll ask my Dr. on Friday and hopefully will know by then.

Sleep: Still good! Although even with a full night’s rest, I still get super tired a lot during the day. Monday was a really busy day for me which normally I could power through no problem but by dinner time I felt like I was on the verge of passing out and even had to hand off dinner preparation to Dustin. I definitely can’t keep up with the busy bodies these days!

Labor Signs: Nothing new here. Some occasional Braxton Hicks, but that’s really it.

Best moment this week: This awesome weather!! I’ve been getting out to the beach for little while almost every day the sun has been out and I can’t get enough! The not so great part though was I did get a pretty bad sunburn today (Wednesday) when I sat on the beach for an hour or so in shorts and a t-shirt :( I KNEW I should have brought sunscreen but since it was still breezy and not all that hot, I didn’t realize I was getting so much sun! You would think I would have learned my lesson by now – everyone knows you can get burned even on a cloudy day! When will I LEARN?! Looks like I’ll be inside for the rest of this week. Speaking of sun – I need to to purchase some sunscreen that’s safe for pregnancy! Any recommendations for brands?

Exercise: Not bad. I did my 3 mile walk at least 3 times this week plus one full Prenatal DVD workout. Whoohoo! Dustin and I are debating getting a one day pass for the Rec Center pool near our house soon. I’ve heard that swimming when you’re super pregnant feels awesome! Also, I noticed on the beach the other day that I think I walk a LOT slower now than I realized. I definitely got passed by an elderly couple going at a very leisurely pace, and a few minutes later another woman walking also at a normal pace. I didn’t think anything of this until I looked up maybe 5-10 minutes later and noticed they were all like a MILE ahead of me! Haha! This really surprised me because normally I’m always the fast walker that people have to tell to slow down. I’m officially a pregnant waddler with a nice sloowwww pace.

Miss Anything? Still miss being able to have all the coffee I want. That and my back not hurting all the time. Oh well. Small prices to pay! :)

Movement: Pshhh. Girl is c-razy. She doesn’t stop moving!

Food cravings: Still fruit, and some days I crave sweets like crazy and other days I’m fine. It comes and goes.

Anything making you queasy or sick? Nope!

Gender: Girl!

Baby Items: Nothing new yet.

Symptoms: I hate to keep repeating myself. Yes, back pain (obviously) peeing constantly, overall sluggishness.

Wedding rings on or off? On

Happy or Moody most of the time? Both. Happy, but definitely emotional at times. I can cry at the drop of a hat these days. Talent, I know.

Looking forward to: Baby shower! :)

Hope you guys have a great day!