Double Dinner Triple Dessert

We have a thing for dinner dates. Are you sick of them yet?

July 20 2011 007

You see, when you work all day cooped up in an office with your butt stuck to a computer chair, dinner becomes sort of a big deal. (Three cheers for only 1.5 weeks of internship left!!!). It’s like celebrating your freedom each and every night. We take this meal seriously.

My friend Rachel and I decided to get our boys together for a double dinner date! We had been planning forever, but we finally stuck to a date and got it together Smile This meant we were 100% in charge of dinner.

On the Menu:

Rachel – Broiled Lemon and Basil Salmon & Veggie Salad

Avery – Black Bean Quinoa and Citrus Salad (Jenna’s recipes have yet to fail me!) and Fudgey Brownie Cupcakes

July 20 2011 008

This quinoa salad turned out perfectly! I practically snatched the bowl off the table immediately after dinner to ensure no one else got the leftovers. Best decision I ever made

July 20 2011 009July 20 2011 010July 20 2011 011July 20 2011 014

We’re not done here.

July 20 2011 016July 20 2011 017July 20 2011 018July 20 2011 019

Boyfriend ate three of these and then complained that I had been withholding cupcakes from him.

July 20 2011 021July 20 2011 022

There is nothing better than socializing over good food. Nothing.

July 20 2011 023July 20 2011 024

and if you’re us, no night is complete without a movie or a French press. Obviously.



If you don’t know, in June my boss had me working Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. This month however we’ve been changing things up and I’ve been working random days. But for whatever reason I haven’t had a Wednesday off almost all summer! Well, not today friends. Free Wednesday! This meant only one thing: A trip to Clemson’s Organic Market!!!

I’m lucky to attend a big agricultural University. Clemson has a great Student Organic Farm on Campus that I have been stalking, and wanting to check out FOREVER, but it’s only open on Wednesdays for a 3 hour window. So, when I realized I had Wednesday off, I demanded we check it out.

July 20 2011 028

I was so excited to see how cute it was! We got there at the end of the 3 hours, but lucky for us they had a good bit of stuff left. Boyfriend also told me that he heard this land all used to be a riverbed, apparently meaning that it’s some of the best farming soil in the state..? That may or may not be true, but I thought it was cool.

July 20 2011 029

July 20 2011 031

We had pizza on the brain for dinner. Meaning most of our market purchases were destined to be pizza toppings. He got a bell pepper, banana pepper and tomato, and I picked up these pretty pennies..

July 20 2011 030

One grocery store stop for dough and cheese, and 30 minutes later, dinner was born. Pizza is the easiest dinner ever, and it’s fun to make! Win/win.

July 20 2011 033July 20 2011 035

Oh Mamma… FYI – Cold pizza = favorite lunch leftover.

That’s all friends Smile Hope every one has a great day!

Fun Facts:

  • I got my Starbucks job back! I wasn’t guaranteed to get it back when I had to leave for my (unpaid) internship, so I was pumped when my boss put me back on the schedule starting in the first week of August! No more poor girl diets!!!
  • My roommate/bff is getting married in 10 days!
  • I was SO intrigued by this post. I feel life change coming on. WARNING: post is about periods, you’ve been warned.
  • Shark Week starts July 31st. Who’s with me?

Happy Thursday!

3 thoughts on “Double Dinner Triple Dessert

  1. I know what you mean about planning your day around dinner. When I used to work and live with my best friend (in a slow paced retail job) we would brainstorm and talk about dinner pretty much as soon as we finished lunch. It was always an ordeal and fun. Nowadays since I just cook for myself its so much less of a production. in fact I just ate cereal for dinner because I couldn’t bother with anything else!

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